Postalco Calendar Inserts

Postalco accordian calendars and note paper. Chlorine-free, ecologically-made, archival paper. Made to fit the pressed cotton calendar or the leather calendar. Made in Tokyo, Japan. (more info)

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Postalco Calendar Inserts - Kaufmann Mercantile

The level of detail Postalco uses to make their products borders on the obsessive, and these calendars are no exception. The folding accordion style was devised by a Japanese economist to allow him to view time the way it is used—you can set appointments according to the hours on a clock, or unfurl it to get a broader perspective.

Postalco tested out this calendar for a year, so they were sure that it was the best way to keep track of—and process—the passage of time.

All inserts are printed with eye-appealing blue ink on thick, light blue paper.

Each insert is sold separately. They are made to fit into the Postalco Pressed Cotton Calendar and the Postalco Leather Calendar. (Note that there are 3 kinds of inserts, but only 2 slots in the calendar case.)

- The weekly calendar is dated for 2016. Keep it folded to view just one week, or unfold to view 8 weeks at a time. Lined days, with a blank space at each week for extra memos.

Postalco notepads in a pack of three. Each notepad is long and narrow to fit into the calendar case. Uses Postalco’s beautiful, trademark mesh-graph paper and staple-bound with a blue paper cover.

Use & Care

These are designed specifically for the Postalco Pressed Cotton Calendar and the Postalco Leather Calendar. A page slides into each of the two sheaths in the calendar case. (The calendar case only has two slots, but there are three types of Postalco inserts to choose from.)

Production & Design

The Postalco calendar is based on the cho seiri calendar invented by a Japanese economist. It unfolds accordion-style so that long periods of time can be viewed and processed at once.

Currently based in Tokyo, Postalco originated in Brooklyn, New York. Husband-and-wife team, Mike and Yuri Abelson, a product designer and a graphic designer, respectively, began with a love of the international transport of mail and Japanese craftsmanship. This soon evolved into an exploration of the beauty of paper, with its smooth texture and tangible warmth, and their skills and fancies converged seamlessly into Postalco. Their current store is on the 4th floor of a quiet building in a low-key Tokyo neighborhood, a location befitting their understated, clean sense of style.


Fits into
Postalco Pressed Cotton Calendar

Weekly calendar
- Spans 2014
- One week on each panel
- Blank space at each week for memos
- Unfolds to show 8 weeks at a time

- Pack of 3
- Mesh-graph paper

Three-year calendar
- Dates: 2014 / 2015 / 2016
- All three years on a single, two-sided sheet

pH-balanced, chlorine-free paper

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