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    from New York, NY

    Uniquely created, handmade jewelry.

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About Lori Kaplan Jewelry

Designer Lori Kaplan’s longtime love for jewelry became a career in the summer of 2010, when she launched her line. Her classic, sophisticated yet understated jewelry is crafted from precious and semi-precious stone and metals. She puts her BFA, from Moore College of Art, to work with colorful jewelry designs featuring unexpected shapes and textures. Lori’s talents are the life force of the brand and she does it all, from designing to creation, to final photography.

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The Jewelry Skill You Need to Master


Every woman needs to know how to choose jewelry that tells the world that she’s a sophisticated grown-up (i.e. it might be time to retire the cutesy animal charms). And that’s where Lori Kaplan, master of the simple but stunning bauble comes in. 


BY Nancy MacDonell





Designer Lori Kaplan turned what had been passionate but more or less passive love of jewelry into a career in 2015, when she launched her eponymous line and, “finally figured out what I want to do when I grow up!”




The Whole Story


Kaplan put her BFA from Moore College of Art & Design—alma mater of Alice Neel, Pink and Adrienne Vittadini—to good work when she taught herself wire wrapping with beads four years ago. From there she progressed to working with metal and semiprecious and precious stones, eventually founding her fine jewelry company. The customer for her quiet but sophisticated designs is, she says, “A casual but particular woman who has an understated quality. You know that she is wearing high quality clothing and accessories but without ostentation. People envy her style.”



The Products


For Kaplan, playing with her gemstones is an adult version or being let loose in the sandbox. She insists she has no discernible process but is instead, “turned on by stones and they often dictate the design.” Her inspirations include architecture, vintage jewelry, vintage ring boxes and furniture design. “I am constantly researching and reading and collecting—all the visuals accumulate in the brain recesses and inspire in unusual ways,” she says. 



Five Minutes with Lori Kaplan



Q: What experience have you had that’s made the greatest impact on the way you work?

Lori Kaplan: I trust my instincts.  When I don’t, I’ve always regretted it. That comes from just doing and learning, no one experience gave me that confidence.


Q: What have you learned in the process of launching your brand?

LK: That it is hard! The work is always morphing and growing so you have to keep your market in mind when you’re designing. It’s hard to be confined when you’re a designer. 


Q: What’s the last thing you do every night before going to bed?

LK: Make sure my phone is on vibe.


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