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About Juniper Books

Thatcher Wine of Juniper Books knows you’re a closet bibliophile. He also knows you may not have the time to hunt down the perfect library, so he does it for you. Juniper Books offers custom-curated, antique leather-bound books. You specify what color you want—black, brown or red—and Wine does the rest. He’ll even throw in the occasional foreign title to keep things interesting. Before you know it, you’ve got a perfectly worn-in library, looking like they’ve been sitting on your shelves for years. Now that’s book smart.

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Read These, Get Smart


When it comes to the state of the printed word, we’re going to quote Mark Twain: “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” Far from dying out, books are going strong—and for that we thank Juniper Books, creators of beautiful book sets and entire libraries.


BY Nancy MacDonell 





Bibliophiles of the world, listen up: Thatcher Wine wants to help you build the perfect library. Whether that means searching out vintage volumes or creating spellbinding covers for beloved classics, he’s on the same page as you are.



The Whole Story


Wine got into the book business back in 2001 by selling rare books and first editions online. A request from an interior decorator to curate a 4,000-volume library for a client led to other similar assignments, which in turn got him thinking about ways to use books in design. Today Juniper Books is renowned for its thoughtfully curated, beautifully designed and covered books. From their better-than-the-original takes on classic literature to to their selection of iconic cookbooks, they’re the best-looking book artists in the business.



The Products


Each book selected for the Juniper treatment must meet one criterion: It has to be a classic work that will withstand the test of time (so Jane Eyre, yes; Harlequin Romances, not so much). “We work with high quality published books, typically archival quality heirloom editions, then we add our custom jackets,” Wine says. “We have done a lot of R&D over the years to find the right jacket paper that is durable, tear resistant and water resistant so they are better than the publishers editions.” The resulting books are personal and unique—works to cherish as well as to read.



Five Minutes With Juniper Books Founder Thatcher Wine



A: How do you want to change the world?

Thatcher Wine: Books have changed the world throughout history.  We are playing an important role keeping books alive and well and giving people reasons to buy more of them and keep them in their homes. The more books in the world, the better a place it will be.


A: What do you find most satisfying about what you do?

TW: It's very satisfying to work with a product that has been around for 500 years and do something that causes people to say, “Wow, I've never seen anything like that!”


A: If you could talk to everyone on the planet for two minutes, what would you say?

TW: That sounds exhausting—silence might be more enjoyable for all. Or silent reading!





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