• Jacob Bromwell

    from Los Angeles, CA

    An American tradition of craftsmanship since 1819.

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About Jacob Bromwell

For over 190 years, Jacob Bromwell has been handcrafting unique, nostalgic and hard-to-find products. Established in 1819 by frontier entrepreneur Jacob Bromwell, the company proudly holds the distinction of being the oldest houseware and kitchenware manufacturer in North America. Deeply rooted in American tradition, history and authenticity, company's logo is the Bromwell's actual signature. All products are Made in the USA and backed by a Lifetime Guarantee.

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Proof Life Was Better 200 Years Ago


If it ain't broke, don't fix it. That's the credo at Jacob Bromwell, which has been making all-American, non-electric kitchen and home goods since the Monroe Administration. New products, old ways.






Jacob Bromwell has been manufacturing metal cooking, baking and campfire goods right here in the U.S.A. for almost two hundred years. That's a lot of toasters, funnels, dog bowls and cocktail shakers.




The Whole Story


Back in 1819, young Jacob Bromwell traveled to the then-frontier town of Cincinnati to found his wire-goods business, which eventually expanded to include the manufacture of all manner of metal kitchen and camping goods. As the new country flourished, so did business: Jacob Bromwell went on to supply 49ers in search of gold, pioneers making the journey west, and countless households from coast to coast. Almost two centuries later, it's not only the oldest kitchen and housewares business in the country, but it continues to adhere to its timeless, quality-driven, made-in-America approach to design—this is a company that employs a head coppersmith for Pete's sake. Heck, they still use some of the same tools that they did in old Jacob's day.




The Products


"All our products 100-percent handmade—not machine-made—using old-world artisanal techniques," says Jacob Bromwell president Sean Bandawat. "We pride ourselves on the historical authenticity of our manufacturing process. Because each piece is handmade, small imperfections do occur and lend charm, depth, individuality to each piece." Heritage equipment and straightforward materials like copper, stainless steel, tin and leather are used. Which is why not only regular every people with an appreciation for life's simpler pleasures cherish these beautiful products—when Hollywood set designers need authentic period pieces for their films, they shop at Jacob Bromwell, too.




Five Minutes With Jacob Bromwell President Sean Bandawat


Q: If you could talk to everyone on the planet for two minutes, what would you say?

A: What's the best way for us as patriotic consumers to exercise our power? It's to vote with our dollars and channel those dollars to companies that have kept America working, growing and prospering. And aside from almost 200 years of making excellent housewares, that's what Jacob Bromwell is all about.


Q: Is there something you have to do every day?

A: Connecting with customers first-hand. No matter how busy or big we become, I like to remain on the front line with customers—listening to them, talking to them, getting feedback, taking suggestions, hearing about the joy our products have brought them and their families, and more.
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