ReadA Brief Bio: Wharton Esherick

A Brief Bio: Wharton Esherick

by Jennifer S. Li

Wharton Esherick’s famous 1931 Fischer Corner desk is no ordinary workstation

ReadMaintain a Cutting Board

Maintain a Cutting Board

by Eric Allen

Nils Wessel’s Brooklyn Butcher Blocks began as a hobby in a friend’s basement

ReadConserving Our Forests

Conserving Our Forests

by David Vega

When early American colonists began penetrating the interior of the North American

ReadA Brief Bio: Alexandre Noll

A Brief Bio: Alexandre Noll

by Jennifer S. Li

Alexandre Noll wanted “to make of wood all that could be made out of wood”

ReadA Brief Bio: Tapio Wirkkala

A Brief Bio: Tapio Wirkkala

by Sophie Zifcak

Alvar Aalto earned his title of “father of modern Finnish design” but Tapio Wirkkala

ReadThe Dependability of Wooden Crates

The Dependability of Wooden Crates

by Sebastian Kaufmann

You see vintage wooden crates everywhere at flea markets. Many vendors