ReadEmbroidery, A Consistent Craft

Embroidery, A Consistent Craft

by Susan Morrell

At its most elemental, embroidery is sewing decorative stitches onto fabric

ReadFelt’s 8,000-Year History

Felt’s 8,000-Year History

by Jennifer S. Li

Felt is said to be the oldest man-made material: its story goes back 8,000 years

ReadHow Wool Has Developed Over Time

How Wool Has Developed Over Time

by Jennifer S. Li

Humankind has sheep to thank for more than 12,000 years of food, shelter and

ReadNaugahyde’s Narrative

Naugahyde’s Narrative

by Brion Paul

Nothing better evokes the post WWII optimism and better-living-through-chemistry ideology

ReadCamel Hair’s Rise to Fashion

Camel Hair’s Rise to Fashion

by Cass Daubenspeck

The original, wide lapel, double-breasted camel hair coat is still revered as