ReadThe Well-Prepared Picnic

The Well-Prepared Picnic

by Cass Daubenspeck

I have a friend who does picnics better than anyone. His involve an enormous wicker

ReadAluminum Canoes, a History

Aluminum Canoes, a History

by James Fox

An inexpensive alternative to hand-carved wooden canoes was inevitable

ReadTo the Ends of the Earth

To the Ends of the Earth

by Giovanna Maselli

Since 1904, the Tudor-style mansion in New York’s Upper East Side has been home

ReadA Brief Bio: John Muir

A Brief Bio: John Muir

by Janice Horton

For John Muir, the more savage and chilly and storm-chafed the mountains

ReadA Brief Bio: Bernhard Fernow

A Brief Bio: Bernhard Fernow

by Nora DeLigter

I can only make out the skeleton of the cabin when we arrive: a V-shaped shadow

ReadCurated By Rabbit Island

Curated By Rabbit Island

by Alex Redgrave

When you’re stocking up on supplies for an island in Lake Superior, some three miles

ReadFinding Home in the Wild

Finding Home in the Wild

by Alyssa Larson

There are few things more enticing than to temporarily fall out of phase with the world