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Insight into Solid Perfume

by Matt Poitras

Easily applied and alcohol-free, solid perfume has been right under our noses for quite

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A Shift to Natural Toothpaste

by Penny Kensington

Toothpaste has been a controversial product from the beginning. Prior to the 1850s

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Honey Recipe Hacks

by Megan Paska

For more than 8,000 years, humans have been sweet on the honeybee. Bees are the original

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How to Make African Black Soap

by Jennifer S. Li

Traditionally produced in areas across West Africa, especially Ghana and Togo

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Sustainable Beauty

by Rita Mehta

I fell in love with beauty products as a child, sitting on the side of my parent’s bathtub

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The History of Natural Rubber

by Sebastian Kaufmann

Rubber seems like a modern product, but indigenous people of the Amazon have