ReadAbout the Concord Grape

About the Concord Grape

by James Fox

Humans have been eating and making wine out of grapes for a very long time

ReadImpact of Aluminum

Impact of Aluminum

by Hans Schnier

Soda cans, furniture, cookware, structural building supports – the number of products



by Melissa Andersen

The timeless appeal of crystal is a story of dichotomy, where sharp meets soft, fragile

ReadDiscussing Stainless Steel

Discussing Stainless Steel

by Sebastian Kaufmann

Stainless steel has brought such vast changes to industries such as automotive, aviation

ReadHistory of Letterpress Printing

History of Letterpress Printing

by Brion Paul

The first printing presses were hand-operated and remained so for the first 350 years

ReadTo the Ends of the Earth

To the Ends of the Earth

by Giovanna Maselli

Since 1904, the Tudor-style mansion in New York’s Upper East Side has been home

ReadBody Soap, a History

Body Soap, a History

by Jessica Hundley

The science of soap is complex, requiring at least a rudimentary knowledge of chemistry

ReadThe History Of Olive Oil

The History Of Olive Oil

by David Vega

Long considered one of the greatest natural assets of the ancient world

ReadUndergarments, Part I

Undergarments, Part I

by Frank Caracciolo

Although inconspicuous in nature, undergarments are tied to the sartorial