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A Look at Cedar

by Chauncey Hollingsworth

Your first exposure was probably your parents slipping slabs of this fragrant wood

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A Brief Bio: Florence Knoll

by Kimberlie Birks

If you know Sterling Cooper Draper Price, you know Florence Knoll. At a time when

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Appreciating Teak Wood

by Allen C. Thayer

Scandinavian Modern furniture is often associated with teak, the ultra-durable hardwood

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About Shaker Style Design

by Melissa Andersen

Amidst a history of furniture design that exalted form and decoration, from the opulent

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A Brief Bio: Jens Risom

by Kimberlie Birks

Born in Copenhagen in 1916, Jens Risom (pr. yenns REE-sum) created some of the most

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A Brief Bio: Milo Baughman

by Jennifer S. Li

Milo Ray Baughman Jr. (1923-2003) showed a talent for design early on. Growing up, he

ReadEnzo Mari: Self-Design and DIY Furniture

Enzo Mari: Self-Design and DIY Furniture

by Thomas Fricilone

Design is Dead. Form is Everything. These are two of Enzo Mari’s most famous quotes