ReadA Brief Bio: Jens Risom

A Brief Bio: Jens Risom

by Kimberlie Birks

Born in Copenhagen in 1916, Jens Risom (pr. yenns REE-sum) created some of the most

ReadSigns of Our Time

Signs of Our Time

by Frank Caracciolo

Looking out the Kaufmann Mercantile studios and across the street toward a former factory

ReadA Brief Bio: Dieter Rams

A Brief Bio: Dieter Rams

by Aurora Almendral

Industrial designer Dieter Rams, born in Germany in 1932 (and still alive)

ReadA Brief Bio: Alexandre Noll

A Brief Bio: Alexandre Noll

by Jennifer S. Li

Alexandre Noll wanted “to make of wood all that could be made out of wood”

ReadA Brief Bio: Tapio Wirkkala

A Brief Bio: Tapio Wirkkala

by Sophie Zifcak

Alvar Aalto earned his title of “father of modern Finnish design” but Tapio Wirkkala

ReadA Brief Bio: Milo Baughman

A Brief Bio: Milo Baughman

by Jennifer S. Li

Milo Ray Baughman Jr. (1923-2003) showed a talent for design early on. Growing up, he