ReadA Brief Bio: Johannes Itten

A Brief Bio: Johannes Itten

by Sophie Zifcak

It is taken for granted today that the design of everyday objects is an art form

ReadAppreciating Teak Wood

Appreciating Teak Wood

by Allen C. Thayer

Scandinavian Modern furniture is often associated with teak, the ultra-durable hardwood

ReadA Brief Bio: Giò Ponti

A Brief Bio: Giò Ponti

by Sophie Zifcak

It’s hard to believe that an architecture style can be dominant for 100s of years

ReadA Brief Bio: Arne Jacobsen

A Brief Bio: Arne Jacobsen

by Lisa Bartfai

Arne Jacobsen was a designer of everything. A trained architect he designed

ReadA Brief Bio: Man Ray

A Brief Bio: Man Ray

by Jennifer S. Li

Painter, designer, photographer, and mixed-media artist Man Ray was an important

ReadThe Art and Life of Alexander Calder

The Art and Life of Alexander Calder

by Jessica Hundley

By the end of his nearly century-spanning career, Alexander Calder had worked

ReadBen Jackel’s Socially Conscious Art

Ben Jackel’s Socially Conscious Art

by Jennifer S. Li

Activist art often conjures associations of hyper-political, in-your-face images and guerrilla

ReadA Brief Biography of Ruth Asawa

A Brief Biography of Ruth Asawa

by Jennifer S. Li

Famed for her crocheted wire sculptures that bend and balloon, sway and swell, American

ReadThe Meaning Behind Super Normal Design

The Meaning Behind Super Normal Design

by Laura Palmer Peach

Nearly a decade ago, a design movement was born when a set of stools at the Milan