ReadAbout the Panama Hat

About the Panama Hat

by David Vega

Legend has it that a common straw hat, that favorite accessory of both the leisure class

ReadUndergarments, Part II

Undergarments, Part II

by Frank Caracciolo

The mass-production of textiles spurred a progressive shift in what women could wear

ReadFold a Pocket Square

Fold a Pocket Square

by Jessie Kwak

The pocket square, developed originally as a handkerchief during Grecian times

ReadAndrew McAteer’s Studio

Andrew McAteer’s Studio

by Laura Palmer Peach

Andrew McAteer walks up the marble steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and begins

ReadAbout Exotic Leather

About Exotic Leather

by Aurora Almendral

Python Escalades, electric blue crocodile pimp loafers, and ostrich jackets

ReadGrains of Leather

Grains of Leather

by Jessie Kwak

The variations of leather are all in the grade. Whether you’re in the market for

ReadFelt’s 8,000-Year History

Felt’s 8,000-Year History

by Jennifer S. Li

Felt is said to be the oldest man-made material: its story goes back 8,000 years

ReadA Walkthrough of Leather Tanning

A Walkthrough of Leather Tanning

by Aurora Almendral

Leather can be strong or supple; it can drape languidly or provide structure

ReadHow Wool Has Developed Over Time

How Wool Has Developed Over Time

by Jennifer S. Li

Humankind has sheep to thank for more than 12,000 years of food, shelter and