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Achieving the Perfect Shave

by Mckenzie Santiago June 20, 2018
ReadAchieving the Perfect Shave


Mckenzie Santiago is the female owner and creator of Brooklyn Grooming, Brooklyn’s first and only line of men’s grooming products. She was nice enough to meet with us and not only talk to us about the best ways to go about shaving and caring for beards, but also showing our marketing director Brian how a good beard is made.


  1. Invest in a razor with 3 blades or more. Remember the cheaper you go, the lower the quality.
  2. Apply a heated towel to your face to loosen up the hair follicle and open up your pores to make shaving much easier.
  3. Choose a shaving oil instead of a shaving cream. Oils act as a loosener as well as a moisturizer, and they also keep your face visible while you’re shaving. It can be tricky to know which direction your facial hair grows in when it is covered in a layer of cream.
  4. Shave in the direction your hair grows.


  1. Use a shaving cream that has silicone in it. Ingredients that are tough to pronounce will do damage to your skin.
  2. Rub your skin dry. Rubbing instead of patting your face with a towel will dry out your skin.


Beards are pretty low maintenance, but grooming a beard can be tricky for several reasons. One, the hair on your face is more sensitive but also coarser than the stuff on your head. Two, the skin underneath is prone to dryness and irritation. Here are some useful tips for a well-groomed beard.


  1. Use a beard oil to moisturize your beard. They penetrate deep into the hair shaft to relax your beard and tame the hairs, making them softer and shinier.
  2. Use a beard brush for longer beards. Look for wider teeth with a good solid handle.


  1. Use pomade that is water-based – it will dry out your beard and give you a “wet” look. It’s better to use a pomade made from naturally derived petroleum free ingredients.
  2. A good beard pomade will be a combination of wax + oil + plant butters. It should be highly emollient.

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