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A Handwriting Dicussion

by Aurora Almendral June 14, 2018
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1. Cursive is dead: “That cursive-challenged class included Alex Heck, 22, who said she barely remembered how to read or write cursive. Ms. Heck and a cousin leafed through their grandmother’s journal shortly after she died, but could barely read her cursive handwriting.” The New York Times.

2. Handwriting shrinks as desperation builds: “To Whom It May Concern,” from Assorted Street Posters, Outsiders, UbuWeb. Collected in New York from 1985 to the present.

3. Halfway between font and handwriting: hand-painted signs just won’t die. “Sign painters,” Imprint.

4. Just a little ink on one piece of paper and a transaction for the ages: The Sale of Manhattan, Letters of Note.

5. Five Voyeuristic, Cross-disciplinary Peeks into Great Creators’ Notebooks, Brain Pickings. (via a Design*Sponge tweet.)

6. Take Care of Your Little Notebooks, New York Review of Books Blog

Leading image: Notes and a fish from the Clatsop, Oregon, field journal of Merriweather Lewis, February 24, 1806. (Image from Brain Pickings)

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