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Discover a Vintage Car Visor

by Sebastian Kaufmann June 14, 2018
ReadDiscover a Vintage Car Visor

Car visors are hardly known as the most trend-setting of objects. Usually made of plastic covered with sort of synthetic fabric, their main purpose is to hold CDs. I saw this leather visor (below) at last week’s Santa Monica Flea Market. It doesn’t help much with CDs. But it sure looks stylish. I wonder what the pocket with the two slits was for? My car of choice to install this would be a Fiat Dino 1968 (shown above).

Or maybe a Bond Equipe 2 Litre GT. Bond is a U.K. car company that was founded by Lawrie Bond in 1948. The Equipe was built in cooperation with Triumph. In 1969, the Reliant Motor Ltd. took over Bond and soon after, shut down the factory and stopped using the name.

Leather car visor

More information about both cars is available on the truly amazing Australian website Unique Cars and Auto Parts. The navigation is a bit bumpy, but I don’t know of another site that has more information on cool old American and European cars. I promise, you will spend hours on there. Completely addictive if you love vintage autos.

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