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The Letter Writers Alliance

by Cass Daubenspeck September 12, 2012
ReadThe Letter Writers Alliance

We love people who make it their business to keep life’s simple pleasures alive.

The Letter Writers Alliance is one group of stalwarts like us who won’t stand to watch the art of letter writing die out.  Founders Kathy and Donovan first got together in 2006 as 16 sparrows, and became the designers, makers and distributors of handmade paper products. But not just any paper products. Specifically, the kind that cater to sarcastic people with a smart-ass sense of humor who also happen to like pretty things.

They formed the Letter Writers Alliance in summer 2007, after hearing a lot of complaints about the dwindling population of letter-writers. Intent on giving people the tools they needed to maintain the art, members can pay a small fee to get a fancy badge and participate in any number of letter-writing activities, plus a lot of other perks to keep their pens moving.

Historically, letters were the only reliable means of communication between two people in different locations. And there’s still something about the experience of writing, sending, and receiving an old fashioned letter by mail that the digital age of one-off emails and text messages will just never touch.

In an interview on Indiana Public Radio, Margaret Shepherd, author of The Art of the Personal Letter: A Guide to Connecting Through the Written Word, said of letters: “When I see your handwriting, I know it’s you.”


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