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How to Make an Incredible Cold Brew Coffee

by Rebecca McCusker April 20, 2019
ReadHow to Make an Incredible Cold Brew Coffee Photo by Tyler Nix

When most of us wake up in the morning, we want a healthy dose of caffeine to give us a jump start. But when the weather is hot, a steaming brew from the coffee pot makes us sweat through our clothes—even before we get moving for the day.

On sunshiny warm days when you’re wearing shorts and a white tee shirt, when you won’t go anywhere without your sunglasses and SPF, and when you’re excited to hit the beach or break a sweat while hiking, you need to start your day with another kind of caffeine boost: I’m talking about the delicious and satisfying cold brew coffee, best served in a mason jar over ice.

Cold Brew Concentrate Recipe

Instead of hitting up a chain cafe and receiving your cold brew in a plastic cup that you’re going to throw away in a half-hour, we love the idea of making our own cold brew. It tastes better because you can brew it to your liking, and you can enjoy the morning at home without having to leave the house un-caffeinated. (The horror!)

All you need to make your own cold brew concentrate at home is a mason jar—I like the wide-mouth type that holds three cups—cheesecloth, a coffee grinder, two large pitchers that hold about three quarts, and a hand-held strainer.  Then, you’re ready to become your own barista.

8 ounces whole coffee beans (I prefer a medium roast for the balanced flavor, but you can go with any coffee that strikes your fancy.)

8 cups of cold water

Whole milk (Optional: When drinking hot coffee, I always drink it black. But, when I drink cold brew, I love adding milk to make it nice and silky.)

Grind coffee beans into a coarse grind (the finer the grind, the cloudier the coffee).

Pour the coffee beans in a large pitcher and add cold water.


Cover and steep at room temperature overnight, or for 15 hours.

In the morning, place the cheesecloth over a hand-held strainer and pour the coffee through, into the empty pitcher.

Pour your new cold brew into a mason jar, serve over ice, mix with milk, and you’ve got yourself a delightful way to start the day.

Note: With concentrate, you can add water until the coffee is the strength you want it, too!

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