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It’s Time to Experience a New Kind of Coffee

by Dani Howell April 16, 2019
ReadIt’s Time to Experience a New Kind of Coffee

I’ve been pretty passionate about coffee for a few years now. I’m always on the hunt for new delicious beans and fun ways to make my morning cup. So, when I heard about Afineur’s Cultured Coffee, I was instantly intrigued.

What makes these coffee beans different than the typical bag you’d buy at every shop? Custom fermentation that’s designed to fully unlock their flavor. This double-fermentation process happens before the beans are small-batch roasted.

As a result of this fermentation process, you get a cup of coffee that’s less acidic but still bursting with flavor. And, it comes without the bitterness that can sometimes overpower an otherwise tasty cup, so you’re able to taste more fruity and chocolate-y notes. Oh, and did I mention it also makes the coffee smoother, which is perfect for anyone who prefers their morning (or afternoon) cup without that bit of bite.

It’s also been lauded for not being as harsh on your stomach, so if that’s been keeping you from getting your daily caffeine boost, these beans could be a solution.

My main worry was having to change up my brewing time and methods to accommodate this new fermentation process, but, thankfully, you can brew up a cup of this Cultured Coffee just the same as you would any other beans.

So, when your bag is running low, and you’re wanting something new and fresh, you may have just found your next coffee beans.

All images courtesy of Afineur.


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