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What We Carry: EDC Essentials

by Taylor Mardis Katz April 26, 2019
ReadWhat We Carry: EDC Essentials Photo by Patrick Coddou

Depending on where you live and what you do for a living, your everyday carry (EDC) items (as in, the objects in your bag that you never leave home without) can vary greatly. What you carry with you will also depend largely on how big of a bag you use!

Since I carry around a roomy leather bucket bag every day of the year, I have ample space for my everyday carry items. If you’re someone who leaves the house without a bag, then your everyday carry items have to be quite pared down to fit inside your pockets and might just consist of a wallet, notebook, handkerchief, headphones, and pocket knife.

What we can learn from EDC

When I took a look in my bag to take stock of what I never leave the house without, I realized that what I carry relays 1) that I live in a rural place, 2) that I care about reducing the amount of trash I create, 3) that I like to travel with little sacred magical items, and 4) that I like to be prepared if I am caught in the dark, in a bad hair situation, or if I encounter an item that needs cutting.

Choosing your EDC items

If you’re trying to decide what sort of items you need with you every day, think about situations that have happened to you where you needed something that you didn’t have. For example:

Have you ever been caught walking to your car in the dark when your cell phone was dead and wished you had a flashlight?

Do you get lunch to go often and therefore use plastic utensils on a regular basis? If so, a bamboo cutlery set would be a great item to keep on hand.

Have you ever found yourself worried about your breath while at a meeting? Gum or mints might be a necessity for you.

Do you often have to wait in long lines or in waiting rooms during the week? You might want to have a (small) book with you to offer you a nice, non-phone-related way to spend your time, plus a small notebook to encourage you to write down thoughts about the book or life in general.

Do you find yourself needing a little emotional pick-me-up during the day? Perhaps consider carrying some token items with you, such as photos of friends or family, gemstones, an uplifting essential oil blend, or some little candy that gives you a boost.

What we carry around with us can have an effect on what we carry around within us. No matter how much space you have for carrying, I would always recommend having a little something on you that goes beyond the necessary and brings you a bit of joy. Because if you ask me, happiness is a necessity, too.

We know how important it is to have helpful items on hand, so we have a variety of EDC items to choose from!

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