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Making the Most of Being Snowed In

by Dakota Arkin Cafourek March 08, 2019
ReadMaking the Most of Being Snowed In Photo by Toa Heftiba

Here on the eastern seaboard, snow arrived much later than for our friends in the Midwest. Finally, February brought magical white flurries to paint dormant lawns a shimmering white and to dress pine trees and naked branches in a beautiful ivory cloak.

The familiar ticker of school closures runs on the local news. Businesses close their doors early due to icy roads. We are snowed in. Working from home, being stuck here isn’t a huge stretch from daily life, but we’re determined to enjoy this winter wonderland after a few productive morning hours.

Enjoying the snow-filled day

My husband takes the opportunity to start a fire in the fireplace. I follow his cue, lighting a scented candle. We take in a quiet afternoon catching up on reading to the flickering blaze and a constant rotation of spinning vinyl. Our cat watches the birds take cover in the maple tree outside the living room window. It’s a favorable moment for the Danish hygge and the Dutch gezelligheid—the untranslatable arts of coziness and togetherness.

With a couple of pantry basics on hand, there are many delectable experiments to cater our evening in. Our typical go-to is a loaf of Irish brown bread. A simple recipe without yeast, there’s no need to watch dough rise or flour the counters. Within an hour the house will smell of warm bread ready to be smeared with butter and jam or dipped into a stew.

On our tour of untranslatable terms let’s not forget the Norwegian friluftsliv—meaning embracing nature and the outdoors. Being snowed in does not have to mean staying indoors, so layer up and step into winter. Air never smells quite so fresh as on a snow day. Whether your front doorstep leads you to a city street or a woodsy path, the majesty of winter’s blanket awaits with each crunchy step of your boot. Come nightfall, stepping out even for a moment to see the snow glisten in the moonlight is nothing short of enchanting.

With a little cold wind on your cheeks, the warmth of home never feels quite so welcoming. Luxuriate in a warm bath and climb into your pajamas for a board game or an early movie night cozied up under a blanket. If we’re snowed in, let’s take a cue from nature and slow down, relax, rejuvenate, and, especially, have some fun.

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