Simple Card Games

by Dani Howell March 06, 2019
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Playing games is always a sure key to success for a laid-back night with friends. I don’t have a ton of board games at my apartment, so we’ll often pull out a deck (or two) and play a card game. Cards are great because there are a ton of games you can play no matter how many people are over. There are ones you can play on your own and ones you can play with a big group. Some have complex rules, and others only take a few minutes to learn.

If you’re in a hurry to get playing without worrying about intricate steps, two good card games to start with are Wish Solitaire and War.

Wish Solitaire – One player & one deck

Objective: Clear away all card piles.

  1. Take out all the two, three, four, five, and six cards in your deck.
  2. Shuffle the remaining cards.
  3. Next, lay out eight piles of four cards—all face down. These piles should be set up side by side.
  4. Flip over the top card on each pile.
  5. Pick up any card pairs—card suits don’t matter. So, if you have two 10s, pick them up. Two queens? Pick them up.
  6. Every time you pick up a card, flip over the one below it so it’s now face up.
  7. Once you’ve cleared away all the piles in pairs, you’ve won!

War – Two players & one deck

Objective: Win all the cards.

  1. Shuffle cards.
  2. Aces count as the highest card.
  3. Create two face-down piles, each with half the deck.
  4. Each player gets one pile.
  5. Both people put their top card face up in the center.
  6. The person who lays down the higher-value card gets to add both to the bottom of their stack.
  7. If both players play a card with the same number, that’s when the “war” starts.
  8. When this happens, you both put two face-down cards on the original one. Flip the third card.
  9. Whoever has now played the card of the highest value wins all the cards.
  10. On the off chance the cards match again, repeat the “war” process.
  11. Keep going until one player gets all the cards. Yes, this can take a long while.


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