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How to Make Popcorn Over a Fire

by Dani Howell January 23, 2019
ReadHow to Make Popcorn Over a Fire Photo by Annie Spratt

Growing up, one of my favorite family memories happened on frigid winter nights. My dad would start up a fire in the fireplace and the rest of us would gather around. On the extra special nights, we’d grab popcorn kernels and the popper and make freshly popped, seasoned-to-our-taste popcorn around the fireplace.

This has been an American family tradition for centuries, bringing people together over a treat that’s both delicious and fun to make. To this day, the sound of the popping kernels around the fire instantly brings a wave of nostalgia that transports me back to childhood.

We checked in with the experts at Jacob Bromwell®, who have been handcrafting their Original Popcorn Popper since the early 1800s, to get some insight into their popper and tips for making this delicious snack. Still with its classic design, their heirloom-quality popper offers automatic steam venting, creating a quick, consistent pop. You can use it pretty much anywhere, too: a fireplace, a stovetop, or campfire. And, it will literally last a lifetime.

Their secret for making delicious, consistent popcorn? It’s surprisingly simple.


4 ounces of popcorn kernels
Jacob Bromwell® popcorn popper
Some topping options: butter, salt, spices, cheeses


First, season your Original Popcorn Popper with a bit of oil and let it preheat over the flame.

Put your popcorn kernels in the popper.

Holding the popper about three inches over the flame, shake it until the popping slows.

Put the freshly popped popcorn in a bowl.

Season with toppings to taste.

That’s it!

One of the best parts of this treat: Everyone in your group can season their own bowl, easily customizing it to personal tastes.

Photo of popcorn popper and bowl provided courtesy of Jacob Bromwell®.

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