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Why You Need a Nutella Knife (and Some Other Very Specific Knives, Too)

by Erin Klabunde January 20, 2019
ReadWhy You Need a Nutella Knife (and Some Other Very Specific Knives, Too) Image courtesy of Richardson Sheffield

A full suite of sharp, gleaming knives for cooking is one of the hallmarks of successful adulting. If you’ve got a set of steak knives, a paring knife, a chef’s knife, and a Santoku, you’re basically set.

…Unless you want to really level up your slicing, dicing, and spreading game. It turns out there are a whole host of oddly (and pleasingly) specific knives for every kitchen task. Like, for example, a Nutella knife. One side of the knife’s asymmetrical blade slices bread; the other side is a spreader shaped like the inside of a Nutella jar—to help you extract every last bit of chocolately, hazelnutty goodness.

And the Nutella spreader is just the tip of the…knife. (I know, I know. I’m shameless.)

Below is our guide to The Top 5 Oddly Specific Knives You Didn’t Know You Needed. Each one is designed to make your life a little bit easier—and delight your dinner guests.

Tomato knife
Slicing a fresh-from-the-garden tomato without crushing it can feel like a near-impossible feat. That’s why Berti created the Insieme (“together” in Italian) tomato knife. It has a handsome Lucite handle and a gently serrated edge that cuts through the fruit without collateral damage.

Champagne saber
Do you really need a champagne saber? Absolutely, yes. It actually has far more applications than you might imagine: Christmas, New Year’s, birthdays, weddings, graduations—any time the occasion calls for uncorking a bottle of Champagne with a dramatic flourish.

Oyster knife
Shucking oysters, fresh from the sea, is one of summertime’s sublimest pleasures. This knife easily pries the little buggers from their shells.

Filleting knife
If you cook a lot of fish, you need one of these knives, which are expertly designed to slice and de-bone the delicate skin. The long, slim blade lets you cut along the backbone and under the skin, ensuring that no edible parts are wasted.

Peeling knife 
Sure, you could use a paring or steak knife to peel your fruit and veggies. But why would you do that when there’s a tool crafted just for the task? A peeling knife’s curved blade slices effortlessly into the skin of potatoes, oranges, and more, while the triple-riveted handle provides ultimate balance, control, and durability.

Any of these knives would make a memorable housewarming or host gift. And there’s plenty more where they came from: carving knives, cheese knives, and more. Whichever blade you choose, there’s pleasure—and peace of mind—in knowing that the right tool for the job is always on hand.

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