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The Journey to a Cabin: Connecting with Your Creativity

by Dani Howell December 27, 2018

Come wintertime, the cabin retreat seems like a welcome escape. You pack everything you need into your car and head out into nature. It’s just you, the great outdoors, and maybe some paper and a pen. You’re prepared with everything you need for a winter hike and a big blanket to curl up with on the couch at night. It’s a sure way to decelerate life for a bit.

It turns out, though, that the cabin getaway offers more benefits than just being cozy. Going out and connecting with nature can actually boost creativity.

Henry David Thoreau knew what he was doing when he decided to spend two years, two months, and two days pursuing simple living in a cabin near the now-famous Walden Pond. This kind of transcendent experience is able to change your perspective.

Studies have proof of this, too. When you disconnect from technology and connect with the outdoors, there are noticeable improvements in critical thinking and creativity—exactly what you need to get started on your art. And, without typical everyday distractions, you’ll be able to concentrate better, making it easier to find a state of flow creating whatever project you’re working on.

When you’re holed up in a cabin, you’re surrounded by nature in every direction. It’s a fully immersive experience that creates a “sense of awe,” which is apparently crucial to spurring creativity and problem-solving skills. Awe encourages you to think outside of yourself and see the world from a new perspective, giving you the inspiration you need to finish your book, poem, or drawing.

So, next time you’re feeling creatively blocked, it might be a sign to head outdoors. The fresh air, the scent of the pines, and the melodious bird chirps can transport you to a different state of mind. There might be fresh motivation and insight waiting for you between the trees—your masterpiece that’s just waiting to be created. All you have to do is give inspiration the chance to come to you.

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