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The Last-Forever Gift

by Dani Howell November 29, 2018
ReadThe Last-Forever Gift

Some gifts never lose their charm (or relevancy). When you give one to someone you care about, you know it’s something that will hold up to years–even generations–of use. And that’s part of what makes last-forever gifts special. You’re not just giving someone a present; you’re giving them a future family heirloom.

These gifts come in all shapes and sizes. The old book that’s been passed down for decades. The one your grandparents read to your parent, who then read it to you, creating a family tradition. There’s that forged iron pan that’s been in the family for you don’t even know how many years, but you do know that it cooks up food just as good as it ever has. And, there’s the keepsake ring that’s been a prized family possession for generations.

All of these items have one thing in common: They don’t quickly come and go. They become part of a family history and can be an integral part of memories formed over generations.

So, when you’re deciding on the perfect gift to get someone, how do you choose something that can become an heirloom to the person you give it to?

First (and most importantly), you need to pick a gift the person will love and connect with. Even the best pot won’t become a family keepsake if you give it to someone who never cooks. Think about what object will speak to them. If they’re passionate about gardening, then consider getting them handcrafted garden tools. Do they love reading and writing? A collection of books from their favorite author might be the way to go.

The other thing to keep in mind is the quality of the item you’re gifting. If it’s not well made, it doesn’t matter how much the person loves it because it won’t be able to hold up for generations. Look for materials that will last, like full-grain leather, copper, or pewter, and for artisans who are known for being experts in their craft. That way, you’ll know the gift you’re giving is designed to stand the test of time.

While it may take a bit of extra thought to find a last-forever gift for the people in your life, it’s an effort that won’t go unnoticed. Your family member or friend (and possibly their relatives for many generations) will be grateful for an item they’ll always be able to use. And, since these gifts stay in a family for a long while, they’re another way to gift sustainably because they won’t need to be replaced every few years.

Image courtesy of Navarini USA, creators of handmade Italian copper goods. Shop heritage-quality cookware, drinkwarebooks, and more.

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