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The Rise of Norwegian Wool

by Dani Howell November 26, 2018
ReadThe Rise of Norwegian Wool

There’s been a lot of buzz around Norwegian wool lately. The fabric has played an important role in Nordic history and its garment industry for a long time, and now it seems like the rest of the world is finally catching on.

Because of Norway’s cool climate and clean pastures, their sheep’s wool grows at a higher quality that’s world renowned for its resilience, functionality, and lack of chemicals. With these qualities, Norwegian wool is the perfect material to craft comfortable, well-made blankets, pillows, and outerwear.

This wool has a lot more going for it, too. One of the main reasons the fabric has been gaining popularity is its sustainability. Norwegian wool is renewable, it’s biodegradable, and it’s 100% natural, making it one of the most eco-friendly textiles you can find. And, it’s a natural material that’s durable and elastic, so it keeps its original shape after repeated use, and you won’t need to replace it every year or two.

Thanks to Norwegian wool’s protective membrane, the fabric is also dirt-repellent, self-cleaning, and odor-resistant. That means you don’t need to wash it as often, using less energy and making it easier on the environment. Since it’s simpler to maintain, you’ll also get to spend more time staying cozy wrapped up in your blanket.

What really makes this fabric stand out, though, is the warmth and comfort you can always count on it for. There’s a reason this wool is so popular in Norway: People can wear it throughout the year to stay comfortable. It breathes, keeps moisture at bay, and is naturally insulating–the ideal combination of function and relaxation for a chilly fall or winter night.

When you look at everything this fiber offers, it makes sense that people are talking about it. Norwegian wool is a natural, renewable material that seems to be pretty unmatched by other natural or synthetic fibers. Not only can you feel good while using it, but you can feel good about using it. Basically, this wool is the ultimate step toward total comfort.

Images courtesy of Roros Tweed, producers of Norwegian wool throws, cushions, and seating pads. Their products are made from start to finish in Norway using local production traditions.

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