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The Artful Breakfast Tray

by Laura Palmer Peach June 07, 2018
ReadThe Artful Breakfast Tray

When Sunday morning dawns a winter grey, give your loved one the special gift of staying warm and cozy in bed. Make up an artful breakfast tray and deliver it with a kiss. Here are a few tips and tricks:

Look at the empty tray as a blank canvas and arrange each element with a sense of overall composition. Consider the way that the shapes of the dishes interact, and play with those shapes, the colors of your food and drink. Vary the textures of the dishware, napkin and tray—for example mixing stoneware with fine linen and walnut wood, or porcelain with casual cotton and pewter.

Place a sprig of seasonal foliage or a just-cut flower within the composition of the tray to bring a bit of freshness. It can act as the centerpiece, which the dishes revolve around, or as a side accompaniment, playfully dropped upon the napkin. You can also add a little light, by making space for a candle on the tray. Choose a bright, natural scent that will gently fill the bedroom air.

A crumb filled bed or milk spotted duvet is no fun. Plate up dishes that will maintain their structural integrity and are less likely to make a mess: opt for thick, creamy Greek yogurt and granola over milk and cereal, for example, and serve a jam-filled crumpet instead of a flakey croissant.

Also remember to think through any action such as cutting, spreading, or pouring that might need to take place before the dish can be eaten, and do the prep work in the kitchen if possible, like cutting out the sections of a grapefruit and sprinkle the sugar on top.

The journey from the kitchen to the bedroom with a full tray can sometime be tricky to navigate, especially if it involves stairs. Make sure your pathway is clear—free of pet toys or stray slippers—and be sure to progress with a firm, level grip on the tray. Don’t overfill the mugs: leave about an inch of space under the rim to avoid sloshage.

Thoughtful breakfast trays include small gifts for the recipient, a delight at the end of the meal. This can be as simple as a handwritten card expressing your affection, and a truffle or marzipan to savor with the last sip of coffee. The gift can also be a piece of jewelry or an accessory, like earrings or cufflinks. Whatever you put on your breakfast tray, love and care will be there in each artful element.

And when the dishes are emptied and the gift is unwrapped, you can climb right back under the covers….

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