The Cold Weather Nap

by KM Team November 10, 2015
ReadThe Cold Weather Nap

With winter comes the desire to sleep. Fortunately, snoozing in the afternoon under a warm blanket is one of those rare indulgences that is actually good for you. It builds on the benefits of the power nap—the shut-eye discreetly caught at work, in the cinema or at other opportune in-between moments that leaves one refreshed—while also following the natural inclination to slow down with the change of season.

The cold weather nap is best enjoyed from the comfort of a warm nook. Burrow into a sofa cushion or a soft pillow. Cocoon in a nest of blankets. Curl up with a mug of hot cocoa or mulled cider, a notebook for jotting down thoughts, and a book. (Reading is the perfect companion to sleeping; it sets the stage for dreams.)

Bedside reading can be placed beside treasures from the natural world.

Then there is the sleep you slip into without much foresight, following time spent outdoors or a rich meal. The kind where you rest your head for a moment and awake some time later, momentarily groggy but ultimately rested (imagine how a bear must feel in spring…). Here are some ideas for mastering the perfect nap:

  • Aim to sleep for an hour to 90 minutes, the optimal time for completing a full REM cycle, which improves a sense of alertness and even creativity.
  • Napping between 1pm and 3pm are said to be the magic hours, balancing nighttime sleep and daytime activities.
  • Try to wake at least three hours before bedtime to avoid staying up too late. On that note, don’t have caffeine 4-7 hours before sleeping.


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