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Come Winter, Create Light

by KM Team June 12, 2018
ReadCome Winter, Create Light

When the air takes on a chill and the days begin to dim early, we seek warmth and light—whether building a fire in the hearth or turning on a reading lamp as the afternoonfades. Creating a nook of light within the dark provides a certain reassurance. We are instinctually drawn to that glow. Somewhere in the attics of our minds it represents survival. Light is life.

What to do, then, when the sun slumbers for longer, when the daylight that once crept over the windowsill and stretched out across an entire wall, casting a kaleidoscope of new patterns as spring melts into summer, makes a briefer appearance? Plants lean even more toward the source, waiting patiently for another season. And you? Rather than bathing in the natural light that spills in from every corner in the warmer months, you must find a bright little island on which to wait out winter. There is comfort in illuminating a space of your own. Preparing a meal under the concentrated glow of a kitchen pendant lamp, for example, or sitting beneath the dome of a reading light that encircles your chair. Returning to a home lit up at night is one of the happiest beacons—until the pale spring light peeks around the corner once again…

Create your own light with help from our Lighting Category.

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