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On Life, Well Lived

by Sebastian Kaufmann June 20, 2018
ReadOn Life, Well Lived

Fall is here, but I’m carrying over a sense of summer into the new season. There’s something to be learned from the warmer months, when the days stretch out a few extra hours and the weekends become something to fill rather than chase. Slowing down is said to be healthy for the heart and soul—and for us urban dwellers, this often means escaping to the country. There’s a sense of clarity and groundedness that comes from afternoons spent by the water and in the woods.

I’ve always sought out nature as a way to reconnect: my family home in the small village of Buchschlag (pop. 1,200), just outside of Frankfurt, backed onto dense woodland that was studded with lakes and—to the joy of my 9-year-old-self—train tracks. Along with the other kids in the neighborhood, I passed whole days building tree houses, digging caves and playing bows and arrows.

Now that I’m in Manhattan, I’ve fast learned that home, no matter how small or urban-based, can become a place for much needed balance. For me, this means living with things that are made of wood, stone, glass and other natural materials. The surfaces patina and gain character over time, and the textures feel different in my hands—whether a simple oak cutting board that my grandparents passed down to me, or a canvas backpack I’ve carried to work everyday for the last few years.

This has always been the goal at Kaufmann Mercantile—to provide products that add meaning and a rootedness to your day. They should be useful in some way, not simply put on a shelf and forgotten or replaced. They have a true sense of place and story. They are made to love and made to last. They are Well Lived. And with them, we hope you can create your own slow and thoughtful home.

Wishing you a wonderful fall,

Sebastian Kaufmann

P.S. To share your own #WellLived stories with us, find out more here. (And for inspiration, read how our leather maker Andrew McAteer wore the same pair of slippers for two months straight to properly test his wares…)


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