A New Chapter…

by Alex Redgrave September 14, 2015
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We’re so excited to announce the publication of our first book, a how-to guide for the slow and thoughtful home launching October 6 (you can pre-order a copy here). As a sneak peek into its pages, here is an excerpt of the introduction from myself and co-editor Jessica Hundley. We hope you’ll enjoy reading and mastering a new skill.

“This book began out of a curiosity for how we grow, build and craft the world around us. We discovered that there’s an art to a simple task done well, from planting with the seasons to caring for cast iron. It calls for consideration and creativity, the rolling up of sleeves, and the digging into of details. It means getting messy, and, perhaps, messing up, to experience the singular satisfaction of doing it yourself.

For guidance and inspiration, we turned to experts and enthusiasts, those wonderful people who dedicate their lives to a particular skill or take pleasure in the day-to-day endeavors that most of us leave to someone else. We also sought out the tools that not only help you get the job done but are a joy to use, too. You can feel the work of true craftsmanship, the effort and the skill, that went into their making.

Each how-to, then, is an opportunity to master the art of the everyday. Some you will use often, such as poaching an egg or securing a knot, while others might explore new territory. Knowing how to ford a stream, for example, requires one to first venture out into the wilderness, and the urge to save a plant’s seed arises only after a garden has taken root.

As the book came together, we learned that everyone has their own way of doing things. We by no means want you to think our way is the only way. Therein lies the beauty of the how-to: the final result or the finished product can be as unique as the person who made it. In our world of modern convenience, doing it yourself is immensely rewarding. And so, consider the book in your hands as a starting point. We hope you, like us, find inspiration in these pages to experiment, to investigate, to create, and to make your everyday a little better.”

Alexandra Redgrave & Jessica Hundley


For a look at our how-tos in action, watch the preview here


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