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Stay Tuned: KM + IGWT + G. Wiseman

by KM Team March 06, 2012
ReadStay Tuned: KM + IGWT + G. Wiseman

An amusing battle in the office over bringing more women’s products into the store has found resolve in an unlikely collaboration: knife-maker Gene Wiseman and In God We Trust owner and jewelry designer Shana Tabor.

Wiseman worked together with our own Sebastian Kaufmann in co-designing the KM-exclusive sodbuster pocketknife. We teamed up with Tabor thanks to a chance meeting strolling Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Go figure. Wiseman got his chops working many a hot, dusty summer in Oklahoma forging metal for horseshoes.

About ten years ago he started honing his milling and grinding skills as he turned his eye toward knife making. These days, he has a small workspace — the size of a trailer, where he makes the knives by himself, start to finish.

Tabor also had a knack for knowing what she wanted to do at an early age. Making jewelry since she was twelve years old, she opened In God We Trust in 2005. Since its inception, the store has evolved into a multifaceted brand with three brick and mortar locations in New York. She and her team work in an expansive studio located in the back of IGWT’s Greenpoint shop. Tabor describes the space as a creative playground, with their “aresnal” that allows IGWT to have control over the entire production process.

We couldn’t be more excited to have the combined forces of Wiseman and Tabor to make this one of a kind piece of jewelry exclusively for Kaufmann Mercantile. More info soon!


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