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Inside Our Market Tote

by KM Team June 20, 2018
ReadInside Our Market Tote

Sometimes, more is… more. At least that’s what Sarah Lonsdale, editor-at-large of the design site Remodelista, had in mind when developing the Extra Large Market Tote. She spotted our canvas carryall and began to envision an oversize bag that would be narrower and deeper – for those days when you want to bring everything with you, or take a lot home, and a regular bag just won’t cut it. The daughter of an architect, Sarah’s intrinsic attention to detail and aesthetics developed from a young age. Add in a handful of years spent living in Paris, London and Tokyo (after which she wrote the book Japanese Style) – and she has a sharp eye and keen sense for products that can hold up to a vagabond existence.

With the help of seamstress and leatherworker Leigh Anne Hilbert, founder of the North Carolina-based custom baggage maker Overlap Sewing Studios, a prototype started to take shape. The larger dimensions and heavy-duty yet flexible fabric created the perfect carrier for stocking up on market produce or packing beach essentials. Living and working in Napa Valley, a two-hour drive from Remodelista’s San Francisco offices, Sarah also wanted the classic carryall to be a kind of portable desk that could be slung over the shoulder.

With this in mind, Hilbert stitched an American-made frontier duck exterior and a natural canvas interior. She reinforced the quadruple-layered straps with an X-box stitch, to ensure heavier loads could be carried with greater comfort and ease.“I hadn’t considered a lining or pockets, as I usually place everything in a large leather wallet inside the bag – a mobile filing system of sorts,” Sarah says. But when the finished bag arrived with four eight-inch interior pockets running the entire length of the carrier, the compartments came in handy for organizing smaller items.

The tote has already accompanied Sarah on many a trip, including a pit-stop in Portland and a trip to the English countryside.

What does your ideal bag look like? Tell us which features would be important to you.

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