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ABS Cheese Grater

by Sebastian Kaufmann July 03, 2013
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You’re either reading this because you wonder how exactly this product fits into our collection, or because you got excited, and were just about to make a purchase. If the latter: Our apologies, this product is not for sale at KM. We’ve fooled you, because we wanted to bring awareness to why we’re doing what we’re doing.

 Short of a few people living in complete isolation from the western world, every generation today was born too early, (and too late) to live in balance with our planet.

It would be naive to think we, or anyone else could build a business that is in equilibrium with nature. (Unless maybe by selling apples directly from a tree to people who just happen to walk by)

But speeding up the process to reach balance is what we’re after. We’re flawed and we’ve made mistakes. But we believe in progress and learning.

We promise that our efforts to improve won’t wear out, and push forward with our mission to offer only the best products out there. Things you’ll keep or give, not throw away. Things that can be repaired and made of materials that you’ll enjoy.

Our store is growing every month. And with more support than ever, we will deliver even better on our promise. That’s our story. And sorry, Polypropylene & Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Cheese Grater, you can’t be part of it. But if you really can’t do without this grater, you can get it here.


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