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Riding Horse Cycles Custom Bikes

by Alex Redgrave June 14, 2018
ReadRiding Horse Cycles Custom Bikes

Armed with a background in fine arts sculpture, Thomas Callahan became interested in the engineering of bikes – their functional design and forward utility – after living in and riding around Portland, Oregon. (A good place to develop a bike obsession.) He decided to make his own, then started building bikes for people who also wanted a sturdy, utilitarian ride with minimal, elegant design. Seven years on, Thomas is the man behind Horse Cycles, producing custom bikes out of his Brooklyn workshop that range from “off the table” stock frames to from-scratch custom rides.

We stopped by the workshop for a visit, then took his Cruiser for a spin around the neighborhood. (But really, you can feel the craftsmanship when just zipping down the hallway – as the team did, one-by-one, on a recent afternoon at the KM office…)


“If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.”

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Lead photo by Matt Kashtan.

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