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by Alex Redgrave April 18, 2014
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Well-traveled and soft-spoken, Inventory curates a thoughtful mix of features on everything from men’s style and design to literature and photography. Celebrating its tenth issue, the bi-coastal publication (with a home base in Vancouver and outpost in New York) has always been less about trends than seeking out the hidden gems – whether a person, product, place or idea.

We asked Editor-in-Chief and CEO Ryan Williams to share a few highlights of starting a magazine from scratch.

A portrait of Ryan Willms

Ryan Willms, editor-in-chief and CEO of Inventory magazine.

Year launched
Home base Vancouver
Number of issues to date 10
Number of issues per year Two

Why did you start Inventory? What was the first article you wrote?
Inventory originally began as a hobby, so it has always felt quite personal for me, and I think for all of our staff. It’s a way for us to share the stories that we’re interested in and present them in a way that we feel is unique, in-depth and exciting. The first article I did for the magazine was a feature on a footwear brand I love called Yuketen. Originally we were going to publish it online, and so we actually produced the piece before the magazine even existed. Ultimately, though, we felt the images (photographed by Ken Tisuthiwongse) were too nice not to print, and so it was one of the catalysts to starting the print publication.

Who are your readers?
We initially created the magazine for ourselves because we felt there were a lot of interesting people and companies out there that not many people know about. I feel that we’ve continued on that same path since, and luckily there are other like-minded people who are also interested in the same kinds of stories and culture.

Hardest story to get off the ground?
There are a few stories that have been difficult to execute often due to travel, language barriers or timing, but overall we’ve been pretty fortunate. People are usually quite open to working with us and mostly everyone has been very gracious throughout the process – which helps us get the best result, in the end.

What is a story you have yet to tell but would like to?
There are a lot of stories we’d like to get to. I think we’ll continue to include a wider variety of people from outside the fashion industry. There are a handful of musicians, directors and other creative minds that I’d like to see in our pages, but as with everything, we have to be selective and patient.

Leading image is a fashion spread from Inventory, titled “Nepenthes Remix.”

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