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A Q&A with Fool Magazine

by Alex Redgrave June 12, 2018
ReadA Q&A with Fool Magazine

Contrary to its name, Fool Magazine takes a smart, spirited look at the world of food. The cover tagline – “food, insanity, brilliance and love” – perfectly sums up its playful and, at times, madcap approach. There are no recipes (see why below) but plenty of inspiration and ideas.

We asked co-editor-in-chief and art director Lotta Jörgensen to share some of Fool’s behind-the-scenes highlights – and a few challenges that go with running your own publication.

Year launched 2012
Home base
Malmö, Sweden (“the Brooklyn of Copenhagen”)
Number of issues to date

Number of issues per year

Why did you start Fool?

There were no other food magazines out there that we liked. They all had recipes, but we were more interested in the people behind the food scene. We wondered, “Why should a food magazine have recipes when a high fashion magazine doesn’t have sewing patterns?”

What was the first article you assigned?

Difficult to say, since this magazine has been in our minds for 10 years, when we made the first draft and registered our domain Then we just got really busy…

Who are your readers?

Mostly people from the food industry. We feature some of the world’s most talked about chefs and their teams, as well as journalists, and of course numerous epicureans from many different countries.

Hardest story to get off the ground?

The main difficulty is our own struggle to let all the fantastic people we feature come across correctly to our readers. We frequently work feature writers who work in languages we don’t speak. We do a Google translate on their first draft, only to get an idea of the text. Then, after adjustments, a proper translation is made and, at last, a final edit. We also work with two copy editors: one based in London and the other in Barcelona. All proofs are made digitally. They are our best friends, and they make sure we don’t look like fools – after all, we’re not native English speakers and the language has to be correct. We haven’t made it easy for ourselves!

What is one story you’d like to tell, but haven’t yet?

We try to do all the stories we long for. Our only drawback is that we are only two people running Fool. We do everything ourselves, except packing the magazines and sending them out. Otherwise we could publish four or six issues each year and cover even more of the deliciousness out there…

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