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by KM Team June 14, 2018
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The word “survey” doesn’t exactly get people excited in the same way as, say, “trivia night.” Whether it’s the tedium of filling out endless multiple choice questions, or the anonymity of feeling like those answers will never really make a difference, surveys often feel like a chore. (Enter the “friendly” telemarketer who is there to prompt your every response).

That said, we’re launching a customer experience survey, and we really do hope you’ll take a few minutes to fill it out. Here’s why: A helpful suggestion from an individual customer can change the way we describe a product on a page, or reconsider the way we’ve designed our website. In other words, your feedback is directly applied to the way we work.

We may be an online store, but we certainly don’t think that personal aspect of the retailer/customer experience has to be lost. If anything, it needs to be revivedFor those who have already spoken with us or exchanged emails, thanks for taking the time to reach out.

Let the survey begin!


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