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Outdoors & Environment

Explore articles, interviews and everyday useful information.

Plastic Pollution

This year for Earth Day, we’re donating a portion of our profit to the Plastic Pollution Coalition ...

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The Art of Finding Souvenirs

A trip. A journey. A venture to a foreign land. When we travel ...

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The Fresh Breath of Flowers

A home is at its best when it breathes – when its rooms bear vestiges of lives lived well. ...

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Guesthouses of Iceland

Last year, I spent seven weeks on a remote camping adventure in Iceland and was deepl ...

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The Joys of Making a Fort

As a young girl, one of my favorite things to do was build forts. I would create a shelter in ...

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Finding Home in the Wild

There are few things more enticing than to temporarily fall out of phase with the world ...

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Essential Oils, A Primer

For centuries, the process of creating an essential oil has been a ritual to capture ...

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Come Winter, Create Light

When the air takes on a chill and the days begin to dim early, we seek warmth and light ...

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The Sustainable Oyster

A visit aboard Grand Banks, a former 1940s cod schooner-turned-floating bar docked on the ...

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Foraging for Wild Flowers

When I first started arranging flowers, I used my frequent trips to upstate New York as an ...

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Notes on Garden Design

The more I design, the more I want people to interact with nature by slowing down. We ...

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An Ode To Urban Greenery

The world’s great urban green spaces are also some of the most famous landmarks found ...

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Small Space Gardening

For many of us living in small spaces, a vegetable garden is a dream. We make our ...

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GOTS Certification

The growing world of organic textiles can sometimes feel like the wild west of ...

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The Salt Lick BBQ Tips

“The Salt Lick began as a way for my father, Thurman Roberts, to stay close to home and ...

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Forest Stewardship Council

Forests cover about 30% of the world. They provide a home to our animal co-habitants ...

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Happy Earth Day

Dear Earth, six years ago, I launched Kaufmann Mercantile when a flimsy plastic ...

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Earth Day Top 5

All of the earth’s resources are valuable. While our day-to-day takes up some ...

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