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ReadForaged Pine & Whiskey Cocktail

Foraged Pine & Whiskey Cocktail

by KM Team

There’s something uniquely satisfying about foraging for your food. Looking beyond grocery...

ReadAbout the Forest Stewardship Council

About the Forest Stewardship Council

by Emma Segal

Forests cover about 30% of the world. They provide a home to our animal co-habitants

ReadHow to Get GOTS Certification

How to Get GOTS Certification

by Emma Segal

The growing world of organic textiles can sometimes feel like the wild west of

ReadHappy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day

by Sebastian Kaufmann

Dear Earth, six years ago, I launched Kaufmann Mercantile when a flimsy plastic

ReadEarth Day Top 5

Earth Day Top 5

by KM Team

All of the earth’s resources are valuable. While our day-to-day takes up some

ReadConquering Plastic Pollution

Conquering Plastic Pollution

by KM Team

This year for Earth Day, we’re donating a portion of our profit to the Plastic Pollution...

ReadInsight into Biomimicry

Insight into Biomimicry

by Aurora Almendral

Animals and plants build structures of incredible complexity

ReadA Look at Cedar

A Look at Cedar

by Chauncey Hollingsworth

Your first exposure was probably your parents slipping slabs of this fragrant wood

ReadVintage Lawn Games

Vintage Lawn Games

by John Peabody

A few years ago, during a summer weekend away from the city, a friend picked up an