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ReadMaking the Most of Being Snowed In

Making the Most of Being Snowed In

by Dakota Arkin Cafourek

Here on the eastern seaboard, snow arrived much later than for our friends in the Midwest. Finally,...

ReadThe Essentials of Forest Bathing

The Essentials of Forest Bathing

by Rebecca McCusker

As more and more Americans move to cities and work long hours, more of our lives are spent indoors....

ReadThe Parisian Flâneur

The Parisian Flâneur

by Dani Howell

The flâneur, a figure most associated with 19th-century Paris, is a stroller of city streets;...

ReadIn Praise of the French Potager Garden

In Praise of the French Potager Garden

by Rebecca McCusker

The French potager garden is aesthetically beautiful, fragrant, and nurturing. It’s the chef’s...

ReadHow to Tie a Cleat

How to Tie a Cleat

by Rebecca McCusker

I grew up on the East Coast, where we spent every weekend on the family yacht, sailing around...

ReadA Guide to Walking on Snow

A Guide to Walking on Snow

by KM Team

Put one foot in front of the other Invented almost 6,000 years ago, the original snowshoe was...

ReadThe Simple Joys of Sledding

The Simple Joys of Sledding

by Taylor Mardis Katz

Snow days were my religion in middle school: I prayed for them, I sang for them, I performed...

ReadBecome a More Sustainable Traveler

Become a More Sustainable Traveler

by Taylor Mardis Katz

Traveling in a low-impact or zero-waste way can take some getting used to. Trash is convenient,...

ReadThe Sunrise Comes to Me

The Sunrise Comes to Me

by Taylor Mardis Katz

In the space between sleeping and waking, I witness the day unspool in the distance. The nighttime...