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KM News

Explore articles, interviews and everyday useful information.

In Pursuit of the Essential

The lens through which every product is examined before entering our store is ...

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Introducing Kaufmann

The idea for Kaufmann Mercantile was sparked when a plastic stapler appeared on my desk ...

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On Life, Well Lived

Fall is here, and I’m carrying over a sense of summer into the new season. There’s ...

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A New Chapter…

We’re so excited to announce the publication of our first book, a how-to guide for the slow ...

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What I Learned From Mom

For Mother’s Day, we spoke with four women from different career and life paths. They live ...

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Fait La Force Quilts

As both an artist and a consumer with a passion for all manner of textiles, the details of a ...

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Forest Stewardship Council

Forests cover about 30% of the world. They provide a home to our animal co-habitants ...

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Happy Earth Day

Dear Earth, six years ago, I launched Kaufmann Mercantile when a flimsy plastic ...

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Holiday Hosting

With endless parties to host and attend, the holiday season is not the most relaxing of ...

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5 Things I’ve Learned

When you turn half a decade, you take stock (and a deep breath). All the triumphs! All the ...

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Our Very First Customer

While prepping for KM’s fifth birthday, I went back into our system to find the very first ...

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Curated By Rabbit Island

When you’re stocking up on supplies for an island in Lake Superior, some three miles ...

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Makers In Conversation

For our first roundtable discussion, we brought together a trio of entrepreneurs. This time ...

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Inside Our Market Tote

Sometimes, more is… more. At least that’s what Sarah Lonsdale of Remodelista ...

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Wax Surf Co.

“We’re as intense about surfing as we are about making surfboards,” says Tyler Jorgenson ...

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Horse Cycles Custom Bikes

Armed with a background in fine arts sculpture, Thomas Callahan became interested in the ...

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Guide To Detroit

Whether making a watch, a bicycle or a leather journal, the Detroit-based brand Shinola ...

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