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ReadLyon Porter on Fatherhood

Lyon Porter on Fatherhood

by KM Team

“I wanted to create a special place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city,”...

ReadSpring Release Ice Cream Scoop

Spring Release Ice Cream Scoop

by Nina Steenwyk

As an ice cream enthusiast and home baker, I put the Spring Release Ice Cream Scoop to the test...



by Gael Welstead

The dish in my kitchen had been upsetting me–taunting me every time I put the kettle on...

ReadHelen Levi

Helen Levi

by Laura Palmer Peach

As a young girl, Helen Levi was enrolled in an after-school ceramics program. It was there ...

ReadMan Ray

Man Ray

by Jennifer S. Li

Painter, designer, photographer, and mixed-media artist Man Ray was an important ...

ReadThe English Stacking Chair

The English Stacking Chair

by Melissa Andersen

Design is powerful. It creates objects, lights rooms, shelters lives and moves souls. It ...

ReadEssential Oils, A Primer

Essential Oils, A Primer

by KM Team

For centuries, the process of creating an essential oil has been a ritual to capture ...

ReadGerd Hay-Edie

Gerd Hay-Edie

by Laura Palmer Peach

Ink black flecks fade into grey, before a short wisp of gold appears. The pattern is nearly ...

ReadIn Pursuit of the Essential

In Pursuit of the Essential

by Evan Dublin

The lens through which every product is examined before entering our store is ...