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Books & Print

Explore articles, interviews and everyday useful information.

Simple Matters

The simple life. It’s an elusive concept that many of us seem to always be striving for, but ...

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Winter Reading

Part of the allure of winter is it’s invitation for us to travel inwards. ...

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On Nordic Cooking

It takes vision and guts to run a restaurant located 470 miles north of Stockholm and ...

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A New Chapter…

We’re so excited to announce the publication of our first book, a how-to guide for the slow ...

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Why We Make Things

The thick pine forest that lines the sides of southern Maine’s curving costal road is ...

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Art of the Bird Guide

The term ‘bird watching’ was possibly coined by Edmund Selous with his book by the same ...

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Bind Your Own Book

“Books are part of our DNA, we have an ancient relationship to them,” says Leon Johnson ...

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Side Dishes for Thanksgiving

As tradition has it, turkeys are often the main event at any Thanksgiving table. But what ...

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How To Be A Better Reader

In this last stretch of August, when sand-filled paperbacks go back on the bookshelf ...

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Flourless Chocolate Cake

When we heard Jody Williams was a fan of KM – and in the neighborhood at the nearby ...

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Inventory magazine

Well-travelled and soft-spoken, Inventory curates a thoughtful mix of features on ...

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Modern Farmer magazine

Headquartered in upstate New York and surrounded by farmland, Modern Farmer ...

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Hole & Corner magazine

Hole & Corner is a British publication with a passion for craft and the people who make ...

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Man of the World magazine

“A handbook for the modern man.” This is how Man of the World touts itself – as forthright as ...

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Fool magazine

Contrary to its name, Fool magazine takes a smart, spirited look at the world of food ...

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Collective Quarterly magazine

We’re launching a curated selection of magazines over the next few weeks, kicking ...

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A Readable Feast

In 1995, when Joanne Hendricks opened a cookbook store in the front room of the ...

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Treeless Paper

Less than 150 years after trees were first commercially used to make paper, many ...

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