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Taylor Mardis KatzTaylor Mardis Katz is a poet and a farmer living with her partner in the hills of central Vermont. Together, they run Free Verse Farm, a small herb farm specializing in culinary herbs, tisanes, medicinals and herbal remedies. Follow Taylor online at panacheperhaps.com.

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It’s hard to comprehend how pivotal a role charcoal has played in the development of ...

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Culture Club: Siggi’s Yogurt

Cultured dairy products have existed for as long as humans have milked animals ...

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Make The Most of Summer

There’s nothing more anticipated than summertime lounging, whether on a lakeside ...

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The Dandiest of Weeds

Although many of us have been taught that dandelions are weedy annoyances that mar ...

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Preserve Leftover Herbs

Oftentimes, a recipe calls for just one or two teaspoons of fresh herbs, such as thyme ...

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