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Sophie Zifcak

Explore articles, interviews and everyday useful information.

Light Bulbs

The reason we like the sun is the same reason we like incandescent lighting ...

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Mirror, Mirror

Checking yourself in the mirror is something we all do several times a day ...

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Tapio Wirkkala

Alvar Aalto earned his title of “father of modern Finnish design” but Tapio Wirkkala ...

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Giò Ponti

It’s hard to believe that an architecture style can be dominant for 100s of years ...

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Enamel has been around for decorative and functional use for centuries ...

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Johannes Itten

It is taken for granted today that the design of everyday objects is an art form ...

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Isabel Antonia Giampietro

Like many glassware designers, Isabel Antonia Giampietro is not very well known outside ...

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