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John PeabodyJohn Peabody is the hands, eyes and voice behind The Hand & Eye, a blog on makers of all stripes and their ever-interesting stories, from surfboards, to bicycles to rum – oh my!

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Despite its highfalutin reputation, Cognac is actually a very drinkable spirit with a long ...

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A Return to Sport

Recently, I started dragging my feet on the way to a workout. My excitement for fitness had ...

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Master the At-Home Shave

First off, shower before shaving. Always. Even better: shave in the shower. You’ll be ...

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How to Master Knots

The measure of a good knot is not necessarily how easy it is to tie but to untie. Cue memory ...

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Woodman’s Fried Clams

Like all great things, the fried clam has a much debated creation story. The earliest known ...

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Vintage Lawn Games

A few years ago, during a summer weekend away from the city, a friend picked up an ...

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