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Jennifer S. LiJennifer S. Li is all-about-art and based out of sunny Los Angeles, California. She oversees the daily operations and exhibition program of one of LA's leading contemporary art galleries and is the L.A. Desk Editor for ArtAsiaPacific magazine. When not cloistered in a museum or art gallery, Jennifer is outdoors enjoying a hike in Malibu or sprawled by a pool or beach somewhere.

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Kugel: Jewish Comfort Food

When I married a Jewish advertising creative director from the suburbs of Detroit this ...

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Man Ray

Painter, designer, photographer, and mixed-media artist Man Ray was an important ...

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Castor Design

Rustic barn board chairs are cast in aluminum, maple candy becomes a functioning dining ...

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Silvia Song

Former architect-turned-artist Silvia Song was born in São Paulo, Brazil, raised in Los ...

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Ruth Asawa

Famed for her crocheted wire sculptures that bend and balloon, sway and swell, American ...

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Milo Baughman

Milo Ray Baughman Jr. (1923-2003) showed a talent for design early on. Growing up, he ...

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The American-Made Watch

Cameron Weiss’ fascination with watches began when his great-aunt gifted him his first ...

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Campfire 101

Evidence suggests that man has been making fire for over 1. 2 million years, but practice ...

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Soft and smooth to the touch, with a luster associated with luxury, silk is also one of ...

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Care For Kitchen Knives

When a friend recently sliced up a lime and tossed my favorite knife into the sink ...

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Saber A Champagne Bottle

Although slicing off the top of a champagne bottle might seem like a feat best left to a ...

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Care For Copper

Copper has many uses and benefits, and on top of it all, it boasts a gleaming amber surface ...

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Wharton Esherick

Wharton Esherick’s famous 1931 Fischer Corner desk is no ordinary workstation ...

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The Story of Nylon

Organic chemist and science nerd Wallace Hume Carothers probably never projected ...

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African Black Soap

Traditionally produced in areas across West Africa, especially Ghana and Togo ...

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Felt is said to be the oldest man-made material: its story goes back 8,000 years ...

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Clock of the Long Now

In this modern era, where the mantra of the zeitgeist is “better, faster, cheaper” ...

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Adirondack Pack Baskets

Basket weaving is the oldest and most widespread art in human history ...

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