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James FoxJames has spent half his life shuttling between southern Vermont and the borders of Scotland. From that upbringing came an equal appreciation for John Buchan as well as Americana. You might find him outside grilling chicken thighs or rescuing thrift store brogues to have them resoled. Currently based near Boston, he works with the digital libraries and metadata of some of your favorite brands… You can also find James at 10engines

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Art of the Bird Guide

The term ‘bird watching’ was possibly coined by Edmund Selous with his book by the same ...

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An Oyster Primer

Shucking is one of those sneaky life skills that you may not use everyday, but secretly ...

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Knot A Tie

Rather than describe how to tie a necktie, which can be done in three words: over, under ...

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Seafood Soup

A favorite dish of fishmongers in Marseille, bouillabaisse translates roughly as ...

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Diner Mug

In historic diners on the East Coast (often modeled from or after railway dining cars) ...

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Concord Grape

Humans have been eating and making wine out of grapes for a very long time ...

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Harris Tweed, Part II

Harris Tweed enjoys Protected Geographical Status (similar to “Champagne”) ...

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Shoe Shine

We interviewed three experts about why you should polish your shoes ...

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Harris Tweed, Part I

From its origins as a poor man’s cloth, to its adoption by Vivienne Westwood ...

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Show Card Writing

Those ephemeral show cards that you might find in the window of ...

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Aluminum Canoes

An inexpensive alternative to hand-carved wooden canoes was inevitable ...

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Punching Bags

Nostalgic for a time when neighborhood boxing clubs were common, before ...

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