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Frank CaraccioloNew York-based Frank Caracciolo can be found writing, editing and researching when not working on The Aftermath Music, a blog he co-founded. Frank recently helped assemble the Revolutions issue of Lapham’s Quarterly, in addition to penning articles for We Are The Market and mb magazine. Although largely self-taught, he is becoming a consummate cook. In his spare time, he gives his younger brother art history and tennis lessons.

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The Pigskin & The Duke

When I think of a highlight reel of the greatest plays in football, the “Hail Mary” pass ...

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Undergarments, Part II

The mass-production of textiles spurred a progressive shift in what women could wear ...

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Undergarments, Part I

Although inconspicuous in nature, undergarments are tied to the sartorial ...

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Brine A Turkey

Turkeys are a tough bird to cook. The beer can method is too much of a throwback ...

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Lazy Susan

I was first introduced to the Lazy Susan while on a trip to Manila to see family ...

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